Wednesday, 7 April 2010

France: AIR LIQUIDE-MEEA Scholarship For Indian, Ivoirian, Malagasy, Moroccan, Russian & Saudi Arabian Students

In March 2010, the Ministry of External and European Affairs (MEEA) and AIR LIQUIDE decided to create a programme for hosting and supporting meritorious foreign students in France.This forms part of the “QUAI D’ORSAY – ENTERPRISES” programme of the Ministry of External and EuropeanAffairs and is based on a public-private partnership The specificity of this MEEA programme lies in the creation of optimal and personalized conditions for hosting foreign students and jointly selecting candidates with the MEEA, AIR LIQUIDE and French higher education partner institutions.The AIR LIQUIDE-MEEA co-financed scholarship programme is aimed at students hailing from India, Côte d’Ivoire,Madagascar, Morocco, Russia and Saudi Arabia, who are currently pursuing their studies in their countries. Only candidates holding the nationality of one of these six countries are eligible for this programme; candidates holding dual citizenship, if it includes French nationality, are not eligible.For the academic year 2010-2011, 12 scholarships will be awarded...


You are eligible for this scholarship programme if:
- you hold Indian, Ivoirian, Malagasy, Moroccan, Russian or Saudi Arabian nationality;
- you are not over 30 years of age in the selection year;
- you are not already a French Government scholarship holder;
- you have reached the academic level required for the course of your choice: Master 1 (equivalent of HS
+ 4) or Master 2 (HS+5), preferably
Important remarks:
- students with dual citizenship are not eligible, if one of their nationalities is French;
- candidates applying for apprenticeship courses or refresher courses will be rejected outright;
- a command over the French language is not a prerequisite criterion but would be an advantage
during the selection procedure and one of the goals to be attained at the end of your stay in France.
It may be mandatory at your host institution;
- you should already have applied to one of the French higher education partner institutes of the

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