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The Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarships 2011,Australia

In 2011, the Faculty of Law will be offering five scholarships for commencing Doctor of Philosophy students. The Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarships will also be offered in 2012 (five scholarships) and in 2013 (five scholarships).

The scholarships are open to domestic and international students. It is expected that scholarship holders will be full-time students, but the scholarship may be awarded to part-time students in the circumstances specified in the Conditions of Award.


Benefits offered under the scholarships include:
• A stipend of $25,000 per annum for 3 years.
• A research support fund of $1,500 per annum.
• Paid holiday, sick, maternity, and parenting leave.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

• For information on the eligibility criteria, please see clause 1 of the Conditions of Award.
• Scholarships will be awarded according to the following selection criteria:
o academic merit of the applicant;
o research and other relevant experience of the applicant;
o publication record of the applicant; and,
o relevance of the proposed research to the Faculty’s research strengths.

Doctoral Teaching Fellowship

Successful scholarship applicants may also be offered a Doctoral Teaching Fellowship which will provide an opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience in the Faculty of Law.

Salary: $25,000 per annum (payable in addition to the scholarship stipend)

Doctoral Teaching Fellows will be expected to teach 4 hours per week in both Autumn and Spring semesters.

Fellows will be appointed for a period of 12 months with an expectation that the Fellowship will be re-offered for two further 12 month periods, up to a maximum of 3 years. Entitlement to continue as a Doctoral Teaching Fellow will be dependent upon the Fellow:
• continuing to hold the Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarship;
• meeting the ongoing eligibility requirements of the scholarship’s Conditions of Award (see Clause 2 of the Conditions of Award); and,
• performing satisfactorily the duties of the Doctoral Teaching Fellowship.

The salary paid to a doctoral teaching fellow will be taxable.
Application process

Applicants interested in applying for the Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarships must have submitted an application for admission to UTS to undertake a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the Faculty of Law.

• Domestic students should have submitted an application to the University Graduate School.
• International students should have submitted an application to UTS: International.

To apply for a Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarship, applications must be made using the following online form. The same form can also be used for applicants interested in being considered for a Doctoral Teaching Fellowship position.

Applications must be submitted by 29th October 2010. Please refer to the application form for details about how to submit your application for the scholarship.

Applicants will be advised by email of the outcome of their application for a scholarship as soon as possible after the selection committee has met. The selection committee’s decision is final.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Saudi Arabia: Master and PhD Scholarships in Petroleum and Minerals at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

The Deanship of Graduate Studies at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) is pleased to invite your attention that application to Graduate Studies at KFUPM is now open online on the link until October 29, 2010. KFUPM provides full MS and PhD scholarships for distinguished graduate applicants who demonstrate high potential for conducting original research in the fields of Engineering, Sciences and Business.

Application Deadlines

  • Deadline for submitting the online application is October 29, 2010.
  • Deadline for uploading mandatory documents is November 6, 2010.
  • Deadline for recommendation letters to be received via the online recommendation system is November 6, 2010.

If there are any questions or further clarifications are required, please feel free to contact us at or Telephone : +966-3-860-2800, or check our website at:

Admission Office
Deanship of Graduate Studies
Tel: 00966-3860-2800
Fax: 00966-3860-2829

P.O. Box 5055
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM)
Dhahran 31261
Saudi Arabia


Monday, 27 September 2010

Europe:Erasmus Mundus MACLANDS Scholarships

MACLANDS is a Master Degree in territories’ sustained development and management for and through heritage and cultural landscape.

MaCLands is a European university training truly original and unique worldwide thanks to both its global approach and its methodology applied to current international development issues, as well as to sustainable management of territories for and through heritage or cultural landscape.

The three MaCLands universities

MaCLands provides this alternative training, first and unique to this day, thanks to three perfectly complementary universities.

Saint-Etienne Jean Monnet, a young thirty-year old university; Naples Federico II, oldest university in Europe and Stuttgart University, with technology expertise.

Application procedure

The following documents have to be provided with your application form :

•a certified copy, with certified French translation of the required diploma requested to enter an Erasmus Mundus Master
•the diploma of your language level (DALF C1 in French, CELI 3 in Italian and ZD in German) or all documents that proves that the candidate has started a language training before arriving in Europe.
•a detailed CV in French or English with 3 photos
•a motivation letter
•2 letters of recommandation in one of the Consortium language.
•the student research/study project in accordance with the motivation letter. This project should be presented in a scientific way (references, bibliography,etc..) and should help the jury on the quality of the student and on the quality of his application.
•the completed and signed application form.

The following documents must also be sent per email to the following address

•Application form
•Motivation letter
•Student project


There is a new organization as non-Europeans who have spent more than 12 months in an eligible applicant country in the last 5 years as well as European students can also receive scholarships.

Two different categories


If you are a non-European student, and if you have are not resident nor have carried out your main activity for more than 12 months in an eligible applicant country* in the last 5 years, you can apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. These scholarships are granted on merit, based on the excellence of your application.

The amount of the scholarship is €23,500 per academic year (a total of €47,000 for the duration of the MACLANDS Master course, i.e. 24 months).
The scholarship covers your MACLANDS registration fees, travel, housing and living costs.


If you do not fulfil the Categorie A criteria, either because you are an European or because you have spent more than 12 months in the last 5 years in one of an eligible applicant country, you can benefit from a categorie B scholarship.
The amount of the scholarship is 8500 €/year:

•6000 € for daily expenses
•from 2500 € as a contribution to registration fees.
Please note that a student cannot apply to more than 3 Erasmus Mundus Masters.
Categorie A scholarship only is considered as a full scholarship. Categorie B is considered as a financial contribution to students.

16 ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarships will be available for both categories (the number of scholarships can be modified).


Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne


Sunday, 26 September 2010

Australia:MBA Scholarship for Outstanding International Students


University of Technology, Sydney

Associated Course area or Division

BUS.Faculty of Business
Primary criteria
Future International Student


The Faculty of Business offers two scholarships each academic year (one per semester) for MBA by Coursework commencing international students.
Scholarships will be awarded solely on the basis of academic merit. If no applicant
satisfies the award conditions then the scholarship will not be awarded.
The scheme does not provide for living allowances, travel or medical costs. The scholarship will be awarded through a reduction of tuition fees.
Scholarships will be awarded to the applicant who is the highest achiever and no correspondence will be entered into.


Candidates must:
1. have applied for admission to the UTS MBA award, course code C04018;
2. be categorised by UTS as an international student; and
3. have reached a level of achievement across all subjects in their undergraduate
qualification used as a basis for admission to the MBA which is equivalent to/or above
an academic achievement of Distinction average (75%) (all subjects studied will be counted).
Selection criteria

Applications are selected on the basis of academic merit.




Confirmed annually


Name: Associate Dean, Postgraduate Programs, UTS Business
Phone: 61 2 9514 2000
Website: Postal Address:
Associate Dean, Postgraduate Programs, UTS Business
PO Box 123
Broadway NSW 2007

Friday, 24 September 2010

Denmark: PhD Scholarships At The IT University of Copenhagen

The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) invites applications for a number of PhD scholarships starting in February 2011. We are interested in applications that focus on one or more of the research areas below.

Efficient solutions to computationally hard problems, algorithms for searching and analyzing of large amounts of data, databases and data mining, sensor networks and data management, algorithm engineering, experimental performance studies.

Automated reasoning, categorical logic, type theory, coordination languages, electronic voting, logical frameworks, models for concurrency, distributed and mobile computation, programming languages semantics, modular program verification, programming languages, static analysis of programming and modelling languages, workflow languages.

Tools, methods and processes for software development, including programming and modelling languages, requirements, architecture, empirical studies, and software for user interface design, pervasive computing and decision support.

Game aesthetics, game ontology, games and narratives, game culture, game play, player communities, games and human computer interfaces/game testing, game artificial intelligence, player (cognitive and affective) modeling, computational intelligence and games.

Computer supported cooperative work, science and technology studies, health care IT, organizations and IT, globalization and technology, mutual shaping of culture, organizations, people, and technologies, through practices of design and use.

Advanced and innovative communication trends, design and development of interactive technologies for senior citizens, methods of pragmatic inclusive design, user modeling, design and evaluation of assistive technology-user interface history, emerging body-centric and perception-centric techniques for human-computer interaction based on mobile tracking of eye-gaze, body posture, hand gestures, and everyday object manipulation and society.

Study of digital culture, digital media, mediated interpersonal communication and the way we use a variety of digital media in our everyday lives for social, practical and expressive purposes.

The study of mobile communication and online media's social consequences, in both national and international contexts, addressing the interplay of local and global phenomena.

More information about the individual research groups, their research interests and specific PhD projects within their areas.

You are also welcome to contact individual members of the faculty directly for more information about the respective research areas.

Applicants accepted will be employed and enrolled at the IT University for a period of 3 or 4 years.

Appointment and salary will be in accordance with the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC).

For example, the basic salary of a 3 year PhD student amounts to
DKK 25.014,58 per month.

General information:
A successful applicant will be an excellent student capable of conducting research under supervision from the IT University’s faculty members at the highest international level.

The PhD scholarships run for a period of 3- or 4-years depending on the university degree level of the applicant.

The following qualifications are required. If you apply to be enrolled you have 2 options:

• 3 year programme, you must be able to present a Master’s degree i.e. 5 full time years of University Studies, divided into 3 full time years of bachelor level exams plus 2 full time years of Master level exams of 180 + 120 ECTS points

• 4 year programme: A Bachelor degree i.e. 4 full time years of University Studies, divided into 3 full time years of bachelor level exams plus 1 full time year of Master level exams 180 + 60 ECTS points.
The one year of 60 MA-level ECTS points must be possible to fit into one of the Master programs at the IT University.

One year of full time studies consists of 1680 hours and equals 60 ECTS points.

Recommended enclosures
A statement of purpose must be authored by yourself and must include both a research question and main goals, for your potential PhD project.
As an applicant you should specifically explain if you have needed disciplinary and /or methodological training to conduct scientific work.
The statement of purpose will be used to determine your abilities of critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and scientific writing.

Interdisciplinary approaches:
For PhD-applicants working with interdisciplinary approaches, including social sciences and humanities perspectives, the statement of purpose should also include a motivated choice of theory and method, and a suggestion of empirical basis of the research.

Application deadline: 6 October 2010

Application procedure:
You can only apply for this position through our e-Recruitment system. Apply for this position by pushing the button “Apply for position” below.

Please go to guidelines for applicants before you fill in the application form.

Questions regarding this call may be directed to the relevant research department, or the ITU PhD School, phone: +45 7218 5065 / 7218 5063

After the deadline, a time schedule of the evaluation-, interviewing-, and hiring process can be followed via approximate dates on our homepage.

The IT University wishes to reflect an international environment and regards multiplicity as resources. We encourage everybody irrespective of personal background to apply for the vacant position

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship,USA

Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships are awarded to enable Australian students to study at Harvard University in the United States. This scholarship is funded through the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship program.


Up to three (3) Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships are available to students from Australia for graduate study in any field at Harvard University during the 2011-2012 academic year.


Knox Fellowships include tuition and health insurance fees plus a stipend of at least US$24,000 which is sufficient to cover living expenses of a single fellow for a ten-month academic year. Recipients who are admitted to a Harvard degree program that requires multiple years of study are guaranteed two years of Knox funding, provided they remain in good academic standing.


1. Knox Fellowships are open to men and women who:

  • are citizens of Australia at the time of application and who are normally residing in Australia
  • have completed or are studying for a degree at an Australian university
  • have completed their degree no earlier than 2009 or will graduate before September 2011

2. No application will be considered from any student already in the United States.

4. Candidates from all fields of study are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to degree seeking candidates.

5. Knox Fellowships are not awarded for postdoctoral research at Harvard University.

6. Applicants for the Frank Knox Fellowship must apply for and gain admission to one of the ten graduate or professional schools* at Harvard University as full-time degree students or, as permitted by certain Harvard schools, as full-time, non-degree Special Students. Candidates should contact the particular Harvard school(s) they wish to attend for further information about the programs offered by the school(s).

*The ten graduate/professional schools of Harvard are: the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; Graduate School of Design; Graduate School of Education; Harvard Business School; Harvard Divinity School; Harvard Kennedy School; Harvard Law School; Harvard Medical School; Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the Harvard School of Public Health.

Application Process

Applications for the 2011-2012 academic year are now being accepted. Candidates must complete the required documents listed below and submit a hard copy to the Melbourne Scholarships Office, John Smyth Building, University of Melbourne, 3010.

The Frank Knox Fellowship application is separate from the candidate's application for admission to one of the Harvard University schools. Applications for admission must be submitted to the appropriate school according to the deadlines established at that school. The awarding of a fellowship is contingent upon the applicant gaining admission to the Harvard school of choice. Admission to the University does not guarantee a fellowship award.

Required Documents

Each applicant must submit:

  • A completed and signed Fellowship Application Form, which is obtainable from the Frank Knox Fellowships website at: The application form must be kept in its original format.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Short essay of no more than 1,000 words which provides an account of the applicant's academic pursuits, intellectual interests, extra-curricular activities, and the reasons for his/her desire to study at Harvard University; the essay should also explain the applicant's plan of study at Harvard and his/her future career plans.
  • Certified copies of all academic transcripts.
  • Two confidential letters of recommendation. One of the two letters should be from the applicant's academic supervisor.

Application Outcome

Applicants will be advised if they have been short-listed by the University of Melbourne approximately four weeks after the application closing date.


Fellows are selected on the basis of academic excellence, strength of character and potential for leadership in their field.

Closing Date

Applications close 5.00pm on Friday, 3 December 2010.

For further information

Further information can be obtained from or by contacting:

Rebecca Bauer

Assistant Director

Committee on General Scholarships

Harvard University

Phone: 0011-1-617-496-5042

Fax: 0011-1-617-496-4545


Gowrie Trust Fund Research Scholarships 2011,Australia

Applications are now open for the 2011 Gowrie Trust Fund Research Scholarships. In accordance with the Trust Deed, these scholarships (valued at $4,000 per annum for a period of up to 2 years) will be awarded to members of the Forces, children, grandchildren or other lineal descendants of members of the Forces.

Applications must include:

  • Application form
  • original transcript/s from all completed tertiary study
  • evidence of eligibility (e.g. certificate of service and documents that prove you are a lineal descendant of a member of the Forces, such as Birth Certificate/s) - the World War 2 Nominal Roll and National Archives of Australia may prove useful for this
  • attachments (as required)
  • budget (if you are applying for this scholarship under financial hardship circumstances)

Applications should be submitted to the Melbourne Scholarships Office by close of business 29 October, with a duplicate copy being submitted to the Trust directly. Please see the Information Sheet for eligibility, including definitions. Unless specified on the Information Sheet, the University of Melbourne will apply the same eligibility criteria to our assessment and ranking of Gowrie applicants as we do to the Graduate Research Scholarships offered as part of the Melbourne Scholarships Program.

Applications close 29 October 2010.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

United States--South Pacific Scholarship Program (USSP)

Funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, USSP provides educational opportunities for individuals from South Pacific countries to pursue degree study at U.S. institutions in fields relevant to development needs in the Pacific islands region.
Type of study: Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree study.
Eligibility: Citizens of the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu.
Provisions: Tuition, residence hall room costs, health insurance, book allowance, living stipend, and round-trip airfare. Internship in Washington, D.C. and home-country community service project.
Application deadline: February 1
For more information:

East-West Center Graduate Degree Fellowship At the University of Hawai

Funding for graduate study to participate in educational and research programs at the East-West Center while pursuing graduate study at the University of Hawai‘i.
Type of study: Master's (up to 24-month fellowship) or Doctoral degree (up to 48-month fellowship).
Eligibility: Citizens or permanent residents of the United States and citizens of countries in the Pacific and Asia, including Russia. See application for complete list of eligible countries.
Provisions: Substantial funding toward education and living expenses, including tuition and fees, graduate residence hall room costs, health insurance, book allowance, and partial living stipend.
Application deadline: November 1
For more information: | Frequently-Asked Questions

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Belgium:VLIR-UOS Master Degree Scholarships for Developing Countries 2011/2012

VLIR-UOS awards scholarships to students from developing countries so that they can follow a master programme in Belgium. These scholarships cover all related expenses. Every year, VLIR-UOS awards up to 180 scholarships to first-year master students.

VLIR-UOS funds and facilitates academic cooperation and exchange between higher education institutions in Flanders (Belgium) and those in developing countries, which aims at building capacity, knowledge and experience for a sustainable development. As part of the Flemish Interuniversity Council, VLIR-UOS is responsible for managing and dispersing the university development cooperation funds of Belgium’s Minister of Development Cooperation.

Field of Study and the the Programmes

International Training Programmes 2011

  • AudioVisual Learning Materials – Management, Production and Activities (AVLM)
  • Beekeeping for Poverty Alleviation
  • International Training Programme in Food Safety, Quality Assurance Systems and Risk Analysis
  • Lib@Web – Management of Electronic Information and Digital Libraries
  • Technology for Integrated Water Management

International Master Programmes 2011-2012

  • Master of Development Evaluation and Management
  • Master of Globalisation and Development
  • Master of Governance and Development
  • Master of Human Settlements

International Master Programmes 2011-2013

  • Master of Aquaculture
  • Master of Biology – Specialisation Human Ecology
  • Master of Biostatistics
  • Master of Environmental Sanitation
  • Master of Food Technology
  • Master of Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management (Oceans & Lakes)
  • Master of Molecular Biology (IPMB)
  • Master of Nematology
  • Master of Nutrition and Rural Development,Main Subject: Human Nutrition
  • Master of Physical Land Resources
  • Master of Water Resources Engineering

Only residents and nationals of the following countries are eligible for a VLIR-UOS scholarship:


Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe


Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Palestinian Administered Areas, Philippines, Vietnam

Latin America

Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru, Surinam

Applicants applying for both academic admission and a VLIR-UOS scholarship need to consider both the admission requirements and the scholarship criteria.
Applicants applying for academic admission but not for a scholarship simply need to fulfill only the admission requirements of the host university running the programme.

The host university is in charge of the academic admission of applications. Study results will be taken into consideration during the selection, but the most important academic selection criteria are relevant professional experience and prospects for applying the acquired insights after return to the developing country. The academic admission requirements are specific to every programme. Please peruse the requirements from the relevant programme.

A joint selection committee of VLIR-UOS and the host university is responsible for selecting scholarships. The host university – not the applicant – forwards the scholarship applications to the VLIR-UOS secretariat if the academic admission requirements are met. The VLIR-UOS scholarship criteria relate to the qualifications required of all scholarship applicants and selection criteria evaluated by the selection committee. Download the VLIR-UOS scholarship criteria at the bottom of this page.
All applicants receive an acknowledgement of receipt of their applications. Applicants whose proposals are deemed academically admissible and who are awarded a scholarship for the academic year 2011-2012 will be contacted by VLIR-UOS and the host university by e-mail in May and June 2011. Applicants whose proposals are deemed academically admissible will be notified by the host university.

This is how you apply for the academic year 2011-2012

You can apply for a VLIR-UOS scholarship from the 1st of October 2010.

You must fill in the pre-screening form at the bottom of the page of the programme you want to follow. You may only choose one programme. If you apply to more than one programme your details will be entered more than once in our central database and all your applications will be inadmissible.

So you must follow the correct and complete procedure below.

  1. Apply on the VLIR-UOS website via the pre-screening form: fill in name, birth date, country, etc…;
  2. Receive a VLIR-UOS application/file number by return e-mail from VLIR-UOS;
  3. Apply on the website from the host university through the link mentioned in the return e-mail from VLIR-UOS;
  4. Write the received VLIR-UOS application/file number on the application file from the host university;
  5. Send a printout of your application file along with all required documents (diploma transcripts, motivation, etc…) to the International Office of the host university, not to VLIR-UOS.

Applications that are incomplete, illegible or that reach the host university’s International Office after the deadline will be automatically rejected.

The deadline to apply for a scholarship from VLIR-UOS for a master programme is the 1st of February 2011.

Read more:

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Saxion Talent Scholarship (STS) & Saxion Top Talent Scholarship (STTS) For Non EU Students At Saxion University,Netherland

Saxion University of Applied Sciences offer their own bachelor scholarships for talented (non-European) students.

Saxion Talent Scholarship (STS)

For talented students a partial scholarship is available that will give a substantial reduction on the tuition fee.

Am I eligible?

  • You must have admission to one of Saxion’s International Bachelor programmes as a new student in the bachelor programme,
  • You must be a student with a nationality from outside the EU/EEA,
  • Scholarships are only awarded for programmes of at least 6-month duration
  • Scholarships are awarded for one academic year.

Saxion Top Talent Scholarship (STTS)

This scholarship is for excellent and very talented (non-European) students and covers the tuition fee, with exception of the governmental registration fee which is approximately € 1,672.- (for 2010/2011).

Am I eligible?

  • You must have outstanding study results, with an average mark of 75% or higher,
  • You must have an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher,
  • You must be in or starting the admission procedure to one of Saxion’s International Bachelor Programmes as a new student in the bachelor programme,
  • You must be a student with a nationality from outside the EU/EEA,
  • Scholarships are only awarded for programmes of at least 6-month duration,
  • Scholarships are awarded for one academic year.

Saxion Talent Scholarship

The application for your Bachelor course, will also count as application for the Saxion Talent Scholarship. If you meet the entry requirements, the scholarship will automatically be granted to you on a first come, first served basis. You don't have to fill in another application form for just the scholarship. The total number of available scholarships is limited.

Saxion Top Talent Scholarship

To apply for the Top Talent Scholarship you have to fill in the application form, you can download this form here:

Please fill in the form and send it to us, preferably with your application form. You can find our contact details here.

Please note
Saxion Talent Scholarships are never paid in cash or transferred to a bank account. The scholarships are always deducted from the package fee. Allocation of scholarships is only possible after official enrolment or re-enrolment in each academic year.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

New Zealand:Sir Neil Isaac Scholarship in Geography/Environmental Science


The Sir Neil Isaac Scholarship was founded in memory of Sir Neil Isaac (1915-1987) who had a lifelong enthusiasm for enhancing relationships between people and the environment. The scholarship was established by the Isaac Wildlife Trust in 1987, and on the Golden Jubilee of the Department of Geography.


The scholarship candidate will be required to undertake geographical research on the relationships between people and the environment as part of a Master's degree (by thesis or thesis and examination) in the Department of Geography at the University of Canterbury.

Amount $12,000, plus research and thesis expenses of $3,000, and tuition fees at the New Zealand domestic rate
Tenure 1 year
Closing Dates 30 Nov 2010

Please note that applications forms are only available from approximately 8 weeks ahead of the closing date. For external scholarships, please refer to details on the External Web Site below.
Regulations isaac.pdf (pdf, 16.5KB)

New Zealand:Murray and Company Investment Banking Scholarship


Murray & Company is a Christchurch based investment bank with three divisions: corporate finance, wealth management and private equity. Corporate finance activities include mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and corporate advice.


Studying at University of Canterbury, University of Otago or Lincoln University in their third or fourth year whose full-time course of study includes one or more 200, 300, 400, 500 or 600 level Finance papers.
Amount $1,500
Tenure n/a
Closing Dates 01 Sep 2011
Please note that applications forms are only available from approximately 8 weeks ahead of the closing date. For external scholarships, please refer to details on the External Web Site below.

Regulations Murray_Info_2010.pdf (pdf, 29.5KB)
External Email Address Murray + Company website

New Zealand Post Management Science Scholarship


The scholarship was established in 1993 by New Zealand Post.


Awarded to a full-time student enrolled at 300 level of the BSc(Hons) or the final year of a BA, BCom, or BSc degree in Management Science at the University of Canterbury.

Amount $4,500
Tenure 1 year
Closing Dates 31 Mar 2011

Please note that applications forms are only available from approximately 8 weeks ahead of the closing date. For external scholarships, please refer to details on the External Web Site below.
Regulations nzpost.pdf (pdf, 39.1KB)

New Zealand:Development of electrocatalytic anodes for Alkaline Water electrolysers (PhD project)


Funded project in the field of Chemical engineering, Materials Science, electrochemistry, Energy and Hydrogen


BE(Hons), BSc(Hons), ME, MSc (should have either a chemical engineering, physical chemistry or material science background)


Water electrolysis is a reliable method of producing high purity hydrogen suitable for use in fuel cells or other industrial processes. In order to improve the efficiency of water electrolysers, the cell voltage must be decreased towards the theoretical potential of 1.48 V (thermo-neutral potential). In this project we aim to achieve this by applying thin electrocatalytic layers to low-cost nickel foam substrates. The electrocatalytic layer will increase the electrolyser performance in several ways [1]:
1. Increased surface area (more reaction sites per unit geometric area)
2. Increase electrocatalytic activity (exchange current)
3. Improved reaction mechanism
4. Improved gas - electrode -electrolyte interface
These electrocatalytic layers will be deposited using several methods. The standard method to deposit the oxygen evolution electrocatalytic layer will be by thermal decomposition [2-3]. This method has been applied to many electrocatalysts with great success due to the ease and controllability of the preparation method [4]. The second approach to deposition the anode and cathode electrocatalytic layers will be by electrodeposition. Cobalt oxide layers prepared by this method have shown good activity for the oxygen evolution reaction [5] and we believe the surface area (and thus performance) can be enhanced even further by using a templated electrodeposition process [6] to create a nanostructured oxide layer. Both the thermal and templated electrodeposition method can be carried out at industrial scale easily and cheaply.
The electrodes will be investigated using electrochemical techniques, electron microscopy, and x-ray diffraction. The electrochemical techniques will include cyclic voltammetry, half-cell polarisation curves and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). EIS is particularly powerful as we can assess the performance, surface area, ohmic resistances and any mass transport behaviour at the electrocatalytic layers while the electrodes are operating under industrial conditions. The performance and electrochemical behaviour of the electrode will be examined in standard aqueous electrochemical cells and in pilot scale water electrolysers.

1. Zeng, K. and D. Zhang, Recent progress in alkaline water electrolysis for hydrogen production and applications. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science. In Press, Corrected Proof.
2. Singh, S.P., et al., Preparation of thin Co3O4 films on Ni and their electrocatalytic surface properties towards oxygen evolution. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 1996. 21(3): p. 171-178.
3. Battisti, A.D., et al., Preparation and characterization of oxide film electrodes. Can. J. Chem., 1997. 75: p. 1759-1765.
4. Trasatti, S. and G. Lodi, Oxygen and Chlorine Evolution Reactions on Conductive Metallic Oxide Anodes, in Electrodes of Conductive Metallic Oxides Part B. 1980, Elsevier scientific publishing company. p. 521.
5. Dinamani, M. and P.V. Kamath, Electrocatalysis of oxygen evolution at stainless steel anodes by electrosynthesized cobalt hydroxide coatings. Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 2000. 30(10): p. 1157-1161.
6. Elliott, J.M., et al., Platinum microelectrodes with unique high surface areas. Langmuir, 1999. 15(22): p. 7411-7415.

For more information or to apply for this project contact:
Dr Aaron Marshall (
Department of Chemical and Process Engineering
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140, New Zealand
+64 3 364 2987 extn 4292

Amount $25,000 + fees per year
Tenure 3 years
Closing Dates Open Until Filled

Please note that applications forms are only available from approximately 8 weeks ahead of the closing date. For external scholarships, please refer to details on the External Web Site below.
External Email Address Dr Aaron Marshall

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Nathu Puri Commonwealth Scholarships At London South Bank University

The Commonwealth Shared Scholarships were set up by the Department for International Development (DFID) in 1986 as a unique partnership between the UK government and UK universities.The scholarships help academically excellent students from developing Commonwealth countries who could not normally afford to study in Britain. They are offered on taught Masters courses in subjects related to economic, social and technological development. It is hoped the students will go on to contribute towards developing their home countries.

LSBU has been unable to meet the high costs of the scholarship in previous years. However, this year we received a substantial donation from Nathu Puri which has allowed us to take part. Over the next 5 years, 10 students will now be able to study at LSBU with a full scholarship, covering their tuition fees, accommodation and expenses.


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Japan:Fujitsu Scholarship Program For Asia Pacific Students 2011/2012

The Fujitsu Scholarship provides full financial assistance for postgraduate education and cross-cultural management training in the East-West Knowledge Leaders Program (EWKLP) at JAIMS. The EWKLP has a three-month curriculum, which synthesizes the best practices of both the East and West. The participants will sharpen their global management knowledge and skills, and build the confidence necessary for success in global business situations. Selected Fujitsu Scholar will attend the EWKLP beginning in April 2011 or October 2011, followed by a week-long Japan Portion.

The EWKLP has a three-month curriculum, which synthesizes the best practices of both the East and West. You will sharpen your global management knowledge and skills, and build the confidence necessary for success in global business situations.

In addition to qualifying for the Fujitsu Scholarship, you must also qualify for admission to JAIMS` EWKLP. For complete EWKLP information, refer to the EWKLP Application Packet contained at the bottom of the Application Checklist section.

Fujitsu Scholarship qualifications include the following:

1. A bachelor`s degree or a degree equivalent to a four-year standard baccalaureate degree in any discipline from a regionally or nationally accredited institution.
2. Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
3. A minimum TOEFL score of 577/233/90 (paper/computer/Internet), TOEIC score of 750, or IELTS overall band test result of 6.5 or higher from tests taken between October 2008 and September 2010. The following applicants are exempt from submitting an English proficiency test score:
4. Applicants whose native language is English and who are from either the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, or Singapore.
5. Applicants who hold a bachelor`s or advanced degree within the last five years from an accredited or recognized college or university in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, or Singapore.
6. A minimum of three years of relevant full-time work experience (five years preferred) at the time of application.
7. To qualify for the Fujitsu Scholarship, applicants must be a resident of the state of Hawaii, U.S.A., or a citizen of one of the following countries: Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, or Vietnam.

The Fujitsu Scholarship benefits include tuition and fees for the EWKLP program. Other benefits, which vary in amount each year, are also included.

* Tuition and Fees for the EWKLP
* Stipend Toward Living Expenses *

*Applicants from the following countries/areas are not eligible to receive the monthly stipend: Australia, Hawaii, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

Fujitsu Ltd. will provide a round-trip air ticket to cover transportation from the participant`s home country to Honolulu, and back. The selection of the air carrier and travel agent, including itinerary, is at the discretion of Fujitsu Ltd. In the event the participant wishes to change and/or expand the route and/or the period of stay, Fujitsu Ltd. reserves the right to withhold the original ticket.

Health Insurance:
Fujitsu Ltd. will provide medical insurance that covers a portion of the participant`s medical expenses during the program period. The participant pays all medical expenses not covered by the medical insurance. The selection of the medical insurance plan is at the discretion of Fujitsu Ltd.

Housing Arrangements:
JAIMS will assist in locating appropriate housing in Honolulu for all participants. Fujitsu Ltd. will provide and pay for participant accommodations in Japan.

Visa Arrangements:
When applicable, participants will be assisted in obtaining the F-1 Student visa to enter the U.S. EWKLP participants will be assisted with the appropriate visa to enter Japan, if necessary. The expense of obtaining the visa is the financial responsibility of the participant.

How to Appply

Prepare application documents.

The necessary documents are as follows.

* Fujitsu Scholarship Application Form
(including the essay and work experience information on separate sheets of paper)
* Two Recommendation Forms
* EWKLP Application Form
* Copy of TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTS score report
Valid test dates are between October 2008 and September 2010.
* Original Official Academic Transcripts
Official academic transcripts must be sent directly from all academic institutions attended to the Fujitsu Hawaii Representative Office.

Submit Application Documents

Submit all application materials to:

Fujitsu Hawaii Representative Office
6660 Hawaii Kai Drive
Honolulu, HI 96825

Application Deadline
Postmarked by September 30, 2010

Prepare application documents.

* Applicants who fail to submit all documents by the due date cannot be considered.
* Submitted application documents will not be returned to applicants.

Further Details:

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Canada:ICCS Graduate Student Scholarship

Up to ten grants are awarded world-wide to Masters and Doctoral candidates to undertake thesis-related research on Canada at a Canadian university for 4-6 weeks. Up to C$3,500 is available for all expenses.

Deadline: 30 September

Download Forms and Guidelines - .doc

Download Forms and Guidelines - .pdf

ICCS Publishing Fund,Canada

The Publishing Fund assists with the publication and distribution of scholarly monographs on Canada written by foreign Canadianists who are members of a Canadian Studies Association or Associate Member belonging to the International Council for Canadian Studies. This fund assists foreign Canadianists by granting financial aid to a recognized scholarly press once the work is published.

Deadline: 24 November

Apply direct to the ICCS

Monday, 13 September 2010

Arthington Davy Scholarship,New Zealand

What is the Arthington Davy Scholarship?

The Arthington Davy Scholarship is a scholarship for postgraduate study and research in areas which will likely contribute significantly to the development of Tonga.

What does the scholarship cover?

The Arthington Davy Scholarship may cover part of the cost of a postgraduate study or research programme.

Who is eligible?

Students born in Tonga of Tongan parents who have completed their first University degree and who wish to engage in postgraduate study at any university in the world are eligible to be considered for an award. This is conditional on the applicant's acceptance for a course by their chosen university. Preference will be given to those proposing to engage in study or research in subjects likely to contribute significantly to the development of Tonga.

How do I apply?

There is no special application form, but applications should include:

* a complete curriculum vitae and academic record
* proof of Tongan origin
* details of the intended postgraduate study, preferably with a letter of conditional acceptance from the university concerned
* full details of tuition fees and living expenses and of finances available from the student's own resources or elsewhere
* the names of two academic referees.

Please send your application to:

Tutor for Advanced Students
Trinity College
Cambridge CB2 1TQ

Closing date

Those wishing to commence a course in March or April must apply by the previous 30 November; those wishing to start in September or October must apply by 31 May.

For more information contact
Tutor for Advanced Students
Trinity College, Cambridge

New Zealand:University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarship

What is The University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarship?
The University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarship is funded by The University of Auckland and is available to international students from all countries who wish to pursue doctoral studies.

What does The University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarship cover?
The University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarship covers tuition fees and provides an annual allowance of NZ$25,000, in the form of a fortnightly stipend.

Who is eligible?
The University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarship is available to international students from all countries who wish to pursue doctoral studies on a full-time basis. For full eligibility criteria, please see regulations attached in the "How do I apply" section.

How many University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarships are awarded each year?
Up to four per faculty per annum.

NB: New Zealand and Australian citizens and permanent residents are not eligible.

How to applyYou can get the scholarship application form from the Scholarships Office, University of Auckland. Alternatively, you may download a copy here:

The University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarship

Before filling out the application form please read the Regulations for International Doctoral Scholarships.

Postal address
University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland Mail Centre
Auckland 1142
New Zealand

Physical address
Student Information Centre
Room 112
Ground floor
The ClockTower
22 Princes Street
City Campus
New Zealand

Closing dates

The completed application form is to be submitted to the Associate Dean (Postgraduate) of the faculty in which the doctoral study will be undertaken. Faculties will assess applications during the year.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

USA:Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship Application 2010/2011

The Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship is an intensive six-month scholarship opportunity that provides practicing preservation architects a $25,000 stipend to pursue research related to American and French architectural heritage and historic preservation practices. The American Architectural Foundation and the French Heritage Society established the Hunt Fellowship in 1990 to foster cross-cultural exchanges between the United States and France. It supports American Fellows studying in France and French Fellows studying in the U.S. during alternating years. For the 2011 Fellowship, the Hunt Jury will consider applications of individuals to study in France.


Applicants for the Hunt Fellowship should submit a cover letter, curriculum vita, portfolio, and the names of three references to the American Architectural Foundation by September 30, 2010:

Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship 2011
c/o Elizabeth Blazevich / AAF
1799 New York Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20006
In your cover letter, please identify:
How your academic background and work experience prepared you to undertake this activity. How you intend to structure your study to maximize professional/personal development and to achieve your research goals. How you hope to apply this international experience to your professional career.

Review Of Applications:

The Hunt Jury will consider innovative and creative application proposals that meet the intent of the Fellowship. In October 2010, select applicants will be invited to interview with the Hunt Jury in Washington, DC, on November 11, 2010.

Deadline: 30September2010


Kulika Scholarship Programme For Uganda

The Kulika Scholarship Programme exists to provide an opportunity for suitable Ugandan people who do not have the necessary personal resources to gain academic or vocational qualifications which will enable them to contribute more effectively to the development of the nation.

Full or partial scholarships are awarded in diverse fields of study. These include animal sciences, engineering, data communications, health sciences, agriculture and education.

Most scholarships are awarded for study within Uganda, and a very few for study overseas.

No undergraduate scholarships are awarded overseas, and overseas postgraduate scholarships are awarded only in specialist areas of study where suitable courses are not available locally.

A small number of vocational scholarships are also awarded each year to provide non-degree training in fields such as nursing and other health-related disciplines.

In addition, applications will be considered from disabled people who wish to undertake technical or trade training.

Each year the Scholarship Committee of Kulika Uganda agree the priority areas of study for which scholarships will be considered.

Further Details:

Saturday, 11 September 2010

CEMACUBE Scholarship Programme 2011In Europe

We are ready for applications for CEMACUBE 2011! Applicants may apply for the CEMACUBE programme (as well as for scholarships) until the following deadlines:
• Category A students: December 1st, 2010
• Category B students: April 15th, 2011


1. Carefully read our selection criteria, found here
2. Fill in the PDF application form (download PDF)
3. Prepare an electronic application package, containing the following:
• Completed PDF application form
• Copies of certified documents of academic credentials, including diploma and (if available) diploma supplement (including a certified translation if these documents are not in English, French or German). If you do not yet have a diploma, you must provide us with convincing proof that you will obtain your BSc degree before the CEMACUBE programme starts in September 2011.
• Academic and professional CV
• Letter of motivation (very important). For more information, click here.
• A passport sized photo
• A valid copy of your passport
• A valid copy of your TOEFL test results (or equivalent test that proves proficiency in English, check the specific requirements here).

PLEASE NOTE: there are only two grounds for exemption from having to prove proficiency in English:
1. Applicants that are a native English speaker and completed secondary education in any one of the following countries: Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia
2. Applicants that have completed their bachelor education in any one of the following countries: Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia
We make no exceptions to these rules. Students have to prove their proficiency in English if they do not meet either of the two requirements stated above.
4. Send their complete application package to
5. Send the PDF reference form (Download PDF), to at least two, but preferably three qualified referees, and make sure that they fill it in and send it to, including the name of the candidate in the title of the e-mail.

It is the candidate’s responsibility that all referee forms arrive before the deadline. Referees must send their reference forms to us themselves – the candidate is not allowed to do this.


Only complete dossiers with completed application forms will be considered for selection. You are welcome to add extra documents with additional relevant information. Please check that you send all documents required above to us in a single e-mail to cemacube email address. If you cannot send certain documents yet, please explain this in your application and indicate when we can expect to receive these remaining documents. This will avoid delays in the reviewing your application.

If you still have any questions about your application, please contact the administrative coordinator, Dr. Irma Knevel


Friday, 10 September 2010

Italy:PhD Scholarship 2011 At University of Modenaly

From the Doctoral courses main regulations and from the Doctoral schools regulations of the University of Modena e Reggio Emilia: The Doctoral schools and courses has the purpose to supply to the enrolled one, also by periods of study abroad and stage near subject private and publics, competences of elevated level and qualification, adapted to the exercise of activity of research and professionalities that demand a high degree of scientific preparation. The selection for the access to the Course of Doctorate happens for public competition. The Course of Doctorate instituted from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia begins of norm the first January and has the duration of three years.

The Schools of Doctorate instituted by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia are opened to italian and foreign graduated people and have the general objective to form researchers of high qualification, to employ in research structures basic or applied, public or private.

School/PhD Programme :

* Doctoral school in Clinical and Experimental Medicine
* Doctoral school in Earth System Sciences: Environment, Resources and Cultural Heritage
* Doctoral school in Food and Agricultural Science, Technology and Biotechnology
* Doctoral school in High Mechanics and Automotive Design & Technology
* Doctoral school in Human Sciences
* Doctoral school in Industrial innovation engineering
* Doctoral school in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
* Doctoral school in Labor Relations
* Doctoral school in Law (The European Legal Culture of Undertaking and Institutional Framework)
* Doctoral school in Molecular and Regenerative Medicine
* Doctoral school in Multiscale Modelling, Computational Simulations
* Characterization in Material and Life Sciences
* Doctoral school in Nano- and Physical Sciences
* Doctoral school in Neurosciences
* Doctoral school in Sciences and Technologies for Health Products

Doctoral schools and courses – XXVI cycle – year 2011

More Information:

MESPOM Master Scholarship 2011 In Europe

MESPOM is an Erasmus Mundus Masters course in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management operated by four leading European and two North American Universities and supported by the European Commission.

The MESPOM study programme is in English and lasts two years. The students study in at least three out of six consortium universities:

* International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University (Sweden)
* University of Manchester (UK)
* Central European University (Budapest)
* University of the Aegean (Lesvos, Greece)
* Middlebury College and its affiliate Monterey Institute for International Studies (MIIS) (USA)
* University of Saskatchewan (UoS) (Canada)


* a good first degree in a subject related to environmental sciences, policy and management such as biology, geography, other earth sciences, civil engineering, urban or landscape planning, resource economics or specialised disciplines (environmental engineering, environmental management, environmental economics, environmental policy);
* candidates with other first degrees are also considered if they show commitment to environmental careers, usually through work experience;
* MESPOM invites applications from all countries;
* proficiency in English (Test of English as a Foreign Language- TOEFL)


Category A scholarships (EUR 48,000): students who are not residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in the the EU/EEA-EFTA countries (including Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein);

Category B scholarships (EUR 23,00): all other students

Application procedure

All MESPOM applications should be made to Central European University in accordance with CEU Admission Requirements.

All candidates are required to fill in the CEU on-line application form and attach following documents:

1. Letters of recommendation
2. Academic records
3. A full curriculum vitae or resume, including a list of publications, if any
4. Department- and program-specific requirements (statement of purpose, research proposal, additional test scores, etc.)
5. Proof of English proficiency

Application deadlines is January 3, 2011 for the applicants seeking Erasmus Mundus scholarships types A and B or other financial assistance from the MESPOM Consortium or CEU (including fee waivers).

With any further inquiries about the admissions process and additional information contact the CEU Admission office:

Further Details:

Thursday, 9 September 2010

USA:Scholarships and Financial Aid For International Students At Colby-Sawyer College

International Students are eligible for need-based and merit-based financial aid, and are encouraged to apply. At Colby-Sawyer we strive to acknowledge the abilities and accomplishments of our students. Through a variety of scholarships and awards, the college recognizes academic achievement, community service and leadership experience.

Academic Scholarships

These awards acknowledge students who have reached a high level of academic achievement throughout their high school career. With the exception of the Wesson Honors Scholarship, there is neither a separate application or deadline for these scholarships. As part of our rolling admissions process, students will be informed of the award decision at the point of acceptance. For international students, the admissions committee will recalculate your GPA based on equivalent letter and number grades from the Official High School Transcript you submit.

Wesson Honors Scholarship - up to $68,000 over four years

Students with a 3.75 GPA are eligible to apply for the Wesson Honors Scholarship. This $17,000 per year scholarship includes direct admission into the Wesson Honors Program. It is renewable annually for four years of study dependent upon good academic standing in the Wesson Honors Program.

Founders Scholarship - up to $64,000 over four years

Students with a 3.5 GPA are eligible for the Founders Scholarship. Students receiving this $16,000 per year award have graduated from high school with honors level classes and a rigorous college preparatory program. It is renewable annually for four years of study dependent upon maintaining a 3.3 GPA while enrolled at Colby-Sawyer.

Presidential Scholarship - up to $56,000 over four years

Students with a 3.3 GPA are eligible for the Presidential Scholarship. This $14,000 award is renewable annually for four years of study dependent upon full-time enrollment and maintaining a 3.0 GPA.

Chargers Scholarship - up to $48,000 over four years

Students who have a minimum 3.0 GPA are eligible for this award. This $12,000 per year award and is renewable annually for four years dependent upon full-time enrollment and maintaining a 2.75 GPA.

Merit Based Awards

Colby-Sawyer offers Merit based scholarships to incoming students based on their high school academic record, leadership qualities and community service involvement. These awards are not based on need and are renewable each year as long as the student remains in good academic standing. Students are eligible to apply for merit awards at any point, including prior to being accepted.

Colby-Sawyer Grant

Grant assistance is given to students based on their financial need, as well as their academic performance. Students receiving grant assistance from the college may expect to receive similar grant awards each year as long as family circumstances do not change, all application deadlines are met, and the student remains in good social and academic standing.

Applying for Financial Aid

Application for Financial Aid

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Australia:CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship Program

The CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship Program places emphasis on ten areas of science that have high priority within CSIRO. CSIRO will offer honours scholarships and arrange jointly supervised PhD programs in these 10 areas. There are five groups of Divisions within CSIRO and each group, under the leadership of a Group Executive, nominated two areas of research they regarded to be the areas in which they would like to join universities in supervision of both honours and PhD students (see below).


* For students who are excited by the prospect of being involved in one of the ten areas and, secondly, that
* For CSIRO and university scientists who jointly decide to attempt to gain support either for Honours students or PhD Scholars in these areas.

Honours and PhD scholarships will be awarded to projects in the ten priority areas in 2010-11 allowing continuity from Honours to PhD where appropriate. A further ten research areas will be chosen in future years.


CSIRO will provide a $5000 grant for the Honours Scholarships. The funds will be made available as a grant from CSIRO to the university. Joint supervision for both Honours and PhD Scholarships is expected but where geography might present some difficulties leaders of the CSIRO groups and the university groups can discuss sensible arrangements.

In the case of the PhD Scholarships, the CSIRO prefers to offer a $7000pa topup to an APA or other scholarship and provide $10000pa for operational costs of the research. The operational funds will be provided under the care of the CSIRO Division involved.

How to apply

Prospective students may apply by completing the application form available under the relevant research area on CSIRO Positions Vacant. See CSIRO career options for guidance.

When completing the application form, students are asked to:

* respond to selection criteria
* provide academic referees
* have the form endorsed by both the university and CSIRO supervisors.

All applicants and universities will be advised of the outcomes of the application process during the third week of December.

Closing date

30 November (offered annually).

Source Page:

Australia:PhD Fellowship Awards for Emirati Nationals

The Emirates Foundation for Philanthropy offers awards to support UAE nationals intending to study for PhD qualifications internationally. The programme is part of the Foundation's mandate to create a knowledge economy in the UAE.

One of the Emirates Foundation's objectives is to expand the number of qualified Emirati PhD holders in the UAE - creating a significant pool of accomplished professionals in higher education to teach and conduct research of long-term benefit to the community.

Through a competitive process, the Emirates Foundation will fund talented UAE nationals to complete their PhD degrees in the following subject areas at high calibre international universities:

  • Education
  • Science & Technology
  • Arts & Culture
  • Environment
  • Social Development


  • Candidates must be UAE nationals
  • Candidates must apply for the fellowship simultaneously with their applications for admittance to universities accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education
  • Candidates must show academic excellence and hold an accredited degree
  • Candidates must commit to a full time PhD programme outside the UAE
  • Candidates must show the relevance of the programme to their career or future plans
  • Candidates must indicate other sources of financial support to which they are applying to complement the Emirates Foundation PhD Fellowship

Flyer (PDF file, 438kb)
More information about the Fellowship and Foundation (PDF file, 51kb)


For further information please contact or call +971 2 404 2900.

How to apply

The Foundation will accept applications online all year round. Applications can be downloaded and submitted electronically through the 'Grants & Scholarships' section on the Foundation's website

Australia:PhD scholarships,International Centre for Muslim and Non-Muslim Understanding

PhD scholarships are available for students wishing to undertake research within the research areas of UniSA's International Centre for Muslim and Non-Muslim Understanding:

  • Muslim diasporas and youth
  • the Middle East and reconciliation
  • Indian Ocean Rim regional problems.

Payment information

$30,000 tax free per annum (2010 rate) - plus relocation costs for successful applicants residing outside of Australia up to the value of AU$5,000.

Research information

Cultural Studies; History and Philosophy of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Arts - General


Ideal applicants will have at least an undergraduate degree in an associated discipline with an outstanding academic record (Honours 1 or equivalent). Associated disciplines include but are not limited to sociology, anthropology, religion studies, ethnic and race studies, media and communication, cultural studies, politics and government. Applicants will have a commitment to a broad social justice framework and have an interest to work within an interdisciplinary team structured around a socio-cultural approach to research.

The Centre strongly encourages applications from ethnic, gendered and religious minorities and groups.

Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia, New Zealand citizens and international applicants are eligible.

How to apply

Closing date

Australian and international applicants: Anytime

Main scholarship contacts

For more information about these PhD scholarships please contact:

Associate Professor Margaret Peters
Dean: Research & Research Education
Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences
Tel: 08 8302 4059

Professor Sayyid
Director: Centre of Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

USA:Senior Fellowship Program 2011–2012

The Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts announces its program for senior fellowships. Fellowships are for full-time research, and scholars are expected to reside in Washington and to participate in the activities of the Center throughout the fellowship period. Lectures, colloquia, and informal discussions complement the fellowship program. Each senior fellow is provided with a study. In addition, senior fellows who relocate to Washington are provided with housing in apartments near the Gallery, subject to availability. Senior fellows have access to the notable resources represented by the collections, the library, and the photographic archives of the National Gallery of Art, as well as to the Library of Congress and other specialized research libraries and collections in the Washington area.

One Paul Mellon Fellowship and four to six Ailsa Mellon Bruce and Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellowships will be awarded for the academic year, early fall to spring. Applications for a single academic term are also possible.

Fields of Study

The Paul Mellon and Ailsa Mellon Bruce Senior Fellowships are intended to support research in the history, theory, and criticism of the visual arts (painting, sculpture, architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism, prints and drawings, film, photography, decorative arts, industrial design, and other arts) of any geographical area and of any period. The Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellowships are intended primarily to support research on European art before the early nineteenth century. Senior fellowship applications are also solicited from scholars in other disciplines whose work examines artifacts or has implications for the analysis and criticism of form.

Qualifications and Selection

Senior fellowships are intended for those who have held the PhD for five years or more at the time of application, or who possess an equivalent record of professional accomplishment. Individuals currently affiliated with the National Gallery of Art are not eligible for the senior fellowship program. Senior fellowships are awarded without regard to the age or nationality of applicants. Applications are reviewed by an external selection committee composed of scholars in the history of art and related disciplines. Outside readers may assist in the evaluation of proposals.


A senior fellowship award is normally limited to one-half of the applicant's salary, up to a maximum of $50,000, depending on individual circumstances. Senior fellows also receive allowances for photography and for travel to a professional meeting.


Monday, 6 September 2010

Erasmus Mundus: Lotus Project For South East Asians

Lotus is an Erasmus Mundus Action Two Partnership (EMA2) of European and South-East Asian Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and Associations aiming at fostering mutual enrichment and better understanding between the EU and South-East Asia (China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand), through the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills at higher education level and to co-operate in the following program activities:
  • Mobility of undergraduate and graduate students
  • Mobility of PhD students
  • Post-doc mobility
  • Academic and administrative staff mobility

The types of mobility to be funded are:
  • For students: undergraduate, master, doctorate and post-doctorate mobility opportunities
  • For academic staff: exchanges for the purposes of teaching, practical training and research
This project is to give South-East Asian students and staff the possibility to go to a European University to improve, enrich, learn, experience, .... their own knowledge and skills.

Please bear in mind that the scholarships are only granted to South-East Asian students and staff coming to Europe.

The grant covers:
  • monthly subsistence allowance
  • travel ticket
  • insurance
  • tuition fee
To enable students to benefit in a linguistic, cultural and educational way from the experience of pursuing academic studies in another country, all students should have a thorough command of English.

Deadline: September 30 ,2010

Guidelines for Lotus applicants


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Australia:‘Islam and Law in Southeast Asia’ Fieldwork Scholarships Available for Masters or PhD Candidates

Some limited funding is available to assist research into Islam-related issues relevant to Southeast Asia. ‘Islam and Law in Southeast Asia’ Fieldwork Scholarships of up to A$2,000 are available for Masters or PhD candidates enrolled at the University of Melbourne. The scholarships must be used to support fieldwork in Southeast Asia on Islam-related topics that match the themes of Professor Tim Lindsey’s ARC Federation Fellowship.

The themes of the Federation Fellowship can be found at

Please note that total funding for each scholarship WILL NOT exceed A$2,000. Successful applicants must be able to complete the fieldwork between 1 October, 2010 and 31 July, 2011.

Applicants must be:
Masters candidates enrolled at the University of Melbourne in 2010; OR
PhD candidates enrolled at the University of Melbourne in 2010, who intend to conduct research in Southeast Asia on a topic related to Islam, which matches the themes of Professor Tim Lindsey’s ARC Federation Fellowship.
Where appropriate, preference will be given to PhD applicants.

Successful applicants will possess:

Strong analytical and communication skills
Enthusiasm for research
Demonstrated exceptional scholarly capacity
Commitment to the study of Islam and Southeast Asia
Capacity to carry out research in this field
Original research proposal
Capacity to speak (or study) a Southeast Asian language relevant to the proposed research (desirable only)

It is a strict condition of the grant that results of fieldwork must appear in a Masters or PhD thesis, a book chapter or refereed journal article within three years of the date of application. Applicants will be asked to sign an agreement to meet this condition.


All applicants must complete the Federation Fellowship Fieldwork Scholarship application form below. The application MUST NOT exceed 3 pages in total.

Applications must be submitted by 5:00pm on FRIDAY 24 SEPTMBER, 2010.

Enquiries & Submission of Applications

Kathryn Taylor
Manager, Asian Law Centre
Melbourne Law School
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010, Australia Tel: +61 3 8344-1122
Fax: +61 3 8344 4546

Australia:Arthritis Victoria PhD Scholarships Program 2010

Arthritis Victoria is excited to announce our PhD Scholarships Program for 2010. We are seeking committed and enthusiastic PhD scholars to explore ways in which Arthritis Victoria can improve the health outcomes of our consumers.

Full scholarships and/or top up scholarships will be offered to students residing in Victoria who are enrolled (or will enrol) at a Victorian university. Alternatively, Victorian-based research groups interested in the area of musculoskeletal health may apply for these scholarships. It is essential that the proposed research incorporates Arthritis Victoria's Research Priorities 2009/2011 and contributes to the field of musculoskeletal research.

Application forms, scholarship guidelines, referee reports and other supporting materials are available for download below. Please ensure that you read the relevant guideline document very carefully before submitting your application.

Please note that late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Closing date for applications: 11th October 2010, by 5pm.


  1. PhD Scholarships Guidelines 2010
  2. Arthritis Victoria's Research Priorities 2009/2011
  3. Application Form – PhD applicant
  4. Application Form – Research Group
  5. Referee Report Template 2010

Further information

Please email Esther Lim, Research Management Unit Coordinator or call at (03) 8531 8061 or (03) 8531 8015.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Erasmus Mundus:The European Master in Sustainable Regional Health Systems

The European Master in Sustainable Regional Health Systems is a two years long interdisciplinary programme of 120 ECTS that aims to give vision, knowledge and tools to develop and manage coherent health systems that contribute both to health and sustainable regional development in their regional communities.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Description

If you are a non-EU student (Category A):

  • Contribution to travel, installation and any other type of costs: € 8000
  • Maximum contribution to the EMMC participation costs (including insurance coverage):
    € 4000 / semester
  • Monthly allowance: € 1000 / month

If you are an EU student inside the EU (Category B):

  • Maximum contribution to the EMMC participation costs (including insurance coverage):
    € 2000 / semester
  • Monthly allowance: € 500 / month

Participation costs must be understood as any compulsory administrative/operational cost related to the participation of the student in the EMMC (e.g. library, laboratory, tuition, social security and insurance costs, etc.). Any other costs that may be charged in addition (e.g. for participation in fieldwork activities), being compulsory or voluntary, must be communicated to the candidate student at application stage.

Monthly allowance amounts may be increased in order to cover the additional costs of students with special needs; EMMCs will have to inform the Agency accordingly in the context of their annual student scholarship applications.

Caterory A

Scholarships can be awarded to masters students selected by EMMC consortia who came from a country other than an eligible applicant country and who are not residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc., ...) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of these countries.

Category B

Scholoarships can be awarded to any maters students selected by EMMC consortia and who do not fulfil the Category A criteria defined above.

Further Details:

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