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Australia:CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship Program

The CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship Program places emphasis on ten areas of science that have high priority within CSIRO. CSIRO will offer honours scholarships and arrange jointly supervised PhD programs in these 10 areas. There are five groups of Divisions within CSIRO and each group, under the leadership of a Group Executive, nominated two areas of research they regarded to be the areas in which they would like to join universities in supervision of both honours and PhD students (see below).


* For students who are excited by the prospect of being involved in one of the ten areas and, secondly, that
* For CSIRO and university scientists who jointly decide to attempt to gain support either for Honours students or PhD Scholars in these areas.

Honours and PhD scholarships will be awarded to projects in the ten priority areas in 2010-11 allowing continuity from Honours to PhD where appropriate. A further ten research areas will be chosen in future years.


CSIRO will provide a $5000 grant for the Honours Scholarships. The funds will be made available as a grant from CSIRO to the university. Joint supervision for both Honours and PhD Scholarships is expected but where geography might present some difficulties leaders of the CSIRO groups and the university groups can discuss sensible arrangements.

In the case of the PhD Scholarships, the CSIRO prefers to offer a $7000pa topup to an APA or other scholarship and provide $10000pa for operational costs of the research. The operational funds will be provided under the care of the CSIRO Division involved.

How to apply

Prospective students may apply by completing the application form available under the relevant research area on CSIRO Positions Vacant. See CSIRO career options for guidance.

When completing the application form, students are asked to:

* respond to selection criteria
* provide academic referees
* have the form endorsed by both the university and CSIRO supervisors.

All applicants and universities will be advised of the outcomes of the application process during the third week of December.

Closing date

30 November (offered annually).

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