Monday, 13 September 2010

Arthington Davy Scholarship,New Zealand

What is the Arthington Davy Scholarship?

The Arthington Davy Scholarship is a scholarship for postgraduate study and research in areas which will likely contribute significantly to the development of Tonga.

What does the scholarship cover?

The Arthington Davy Scholarship may cover part of the cost of a postgraduate study or research programme.

Who is eligible?

Students born in Tonga of Tongan parents who have completed their first University degree and who wish to engage in postgraduate study at any university in the world are eligible to be considered for an award. This is conditional on the applicant's acceptance for a course by their chosen university. Preference will be given to those proposing to engage in study or research in subjects likely to contribute significantly to the development of Tonga.

How do I apply?

There is no special application form, but applications should include:

* a complete curriculum vitae and academic record
* proof of Tongan origin
* details of the intended postgraduate study, preferably with a letter of conditional acceptance from the university concerned
* full details of tuition fees and living expenses and of finances available from the student's own resources or elsewhere
* the names of two academic referees.

Please send your application to:

Tutor for Advanced Students
Trinity College
Cambridge CB2 1TQ

Closing date

Those wishing to commence a course in March or April must apply by the previous 30 November; those wishing to start in September or October must apply by 31 May.

For more information contact
Tutor for Advanced Students
Trinity College, Cambridge

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