Wednesday, 26 May 2010

UK: Research Studentship 2010 At Keele University

Keele University, through its Research Institutes, will have a number of studentships and bursaries available, using either their own resources or using funds generated from external sponsors such as research councils or industry. All such studentships and bursaries will be listed on this website as soon as they become available until after the closing date for applications. Clicking on the one you are interested in will bring up further details, including eligibility criteria if any, and may include a further link for additional information. If the studentship is funded by an external sponsor such as a research council, you will be required to comply with the sponsor’s requirements in addition to any requirements set out by Keele.

Apply for a Studentship

If you wish to apply for an available studentship or bursary (listed below) you must complete an online application form.

Under Step 6 on the online application there is a mandatory question about Finance, where you will indicate how your studies will be financed. Once you select the studentship box, another section will appear asking for further details, please enter details of the studentship (including reference number), and explain and demonstrate your suitability for this particular studentship.

leaf Research Institute for Law, Politics & Justice PhD Studentship

Fees paid, stipend at current research council rate, 3-year duration

Topic Criminology
Reference number: RLPJ 2009-02 : See Advert and studentship particulars
Closing date : 14 June 2010

leaf Research Institute for the Environment, Physical Sciences and Applied Mathematics

Fees paid, stipend at current research council rate, 3-year duration

Topic Biological Silicification
Reference number: EPSAM 2009-05 : Advert here and further information here
Closing date : 1 July 2010

Other Research Awards

An archive of past Studentships may be found here. Please note that these are for information only and are not open for applications.

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