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The Adelaide Outstanding Achiever Scholarships International (AOASI) For Citizens Of Indonesia, Korea, Thailand & Vietnam 2011

The University of Adelaide offers a scholarships scheme for international students undertaking undergraduate study. In 2011, applicants who are citizens of the following countries will be eligible to apply for an undergraduate scholarship:

* Indonesia
* Korea
* Thailand
* Vietnam
  • Up to ten Adelaide Outstanding Achiever Scholarships International (AOASI) are available to international students who are citizens of Indonesia, Korea, Thailand or Vietnam undertaking study in any academic discipline, except Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS).
  • Benefits are the waiver of full tuition fees for the normal duration of the program, subject to satisfactory performance.
  • A scholarship recipient completing a three year degree program who is offered a further year in the Honours Program may apply for an extension of the scholarship to cover that year.
  • Scholarships are available only for the first four years of a double degree.

Application process

For students seeking a scholarship for undergraduate study commencing in 2011 a separate application process for scholarships is required.

The scholarship application process will require completion of an online form.

Applicants will be required to have already received a current unconditional offer of admission to the University of Adelaide to be considered for a scholarship.

Students wishing to apply for a scholarship should lodge their application for admission by 1 September 2010.

Students with a conditional offer of admission must have demonstrated that they meet all the conditions of their offer, and have received acknowledgement from the International Office that their offer is unconditional, before lodging an application for a scholarship.

For further information about international undergraduate scholarships and programs, please contact one of the University of Adelaide's International Representatives.

Please note: a separate application is not required for:

  • Applications submitted through the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) for 2011 entry; or
  • Applicants who are completing a recognised Foundation Program (eg. Bradford College, Eynesbury College) in 2010.
These students will be considered automatically.


Applications for students commencing their primary academic program in Semester 1 2011 will open on Monday 11 October 2010 and close on Sunday 31 October 2010.

Please remember that to be considered for a scholarship for 2011 entry, you must have an offer of admission and have met all the conditions of your offer by the closing date of scholarship applications in order to be considered.

For this reason, students wishing to apply for a scholarship must have lodged their application for admission by 1 September 2010.

Academic eligibility

Please remember that to be considered for a scholarship for 2011 entry, you must have an unconditional offer from the University of Adelaide for entry into an academic program for 2011 at the time of application for the scholarship.

Guide to minumum academic eligibility criteria for all University of Adelaide undergraduate scholarships

AOASI Scholarship Conditions

Eligibility conditions

  1. Scholarships will be awarded strictly on academic merit and only actual results can be used. Forecast results are not accepted for scholarship selection. Only complete applications will be considered, and only applicants who have met the University’s minimum English language requirement for direct entry to their intended program of study at the scholarship application deadline will be eligible for consideration. For Australian Year 12 students the basic TER will be used. Bonus points will not be counted.
  2. The University reserves the right to vary the awards, or not to offer scholarships if the candidates have not achieved the level of academic achievement to merit the awards.
  3. Applicants from education systems accepted by the University of Adelaide for direct entry to the first year of degree studies must apply before commencement of University studies whether in their home country or Australia. Those who have commenced tertiary studies at the time of application will not be eligible.
  4. Applicants from education systems where one year of degree studies in their home countries is required for admission to the University of Adelaide first year degree studies must apply before commencement of their second year of studies. Those who have commenced second year studies at the time of application will not be eligible.
  5. A scholarship may not be awarded to anyone already holding another scholarship funded by the University of Adelaide.
  6. Citizens of Indonesia, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam only are eligible for any of the above scholarships in 2011.
  7. Candidates who have applied for Australian permanent resident status are ineligible to apply.

Enrolment Conditions

  1. Scholarship holders must commence study at The University of Adelaide in 2011. By negotiation, an applicant offered a scholarship scheduled to commence in Semester I, 2011 may defer until Semester II, 2011 if there is a Semester II commencement of their chosen program of study. If the applicant is not able to commence in Semester II the scholarship offer will lapse and will not be available to the applicant in 2012.
  2. Candidates are required to enrol in The University of Adelaide as ‘international students’ and must maintain ‘international student’ status for the duration of their enrolment in the University. The scholarship will be terminated if a student changes their residency status.
  3. Scholarship holders are expected to enrol in a full time load. A scholarship holder who is considering reducing his/her enrolment load must first consult with staff in the International Student Centre. International students are expected to complete their programs within the duration specified on their visa. The University may only extend the duration of study under compassionate or compelling circumstances.
  4. Undergraduate scholarships are available for up to four years, subject to satisfactory progress. The University reserves the right to terminate scholarships of students who do not maintain satisfactory progress. Satisfactory progress is defined as the achievement of a GPA (Grade Point Average) of 5 (out of 7).
  5. Where a student fails, or withdraws from courses in a given semester (or equivalent teaching period) such that the semester GPA (Grade Point Average) is less than 5.0 in two consecutive semesters, the student will be deemed to have failed to maintain satisfactory academic progress and the scholarship will be terminated unless the University is satisfied that exceptional circumstances exist.
  6. If a student faces exceptional circumstances requiring him or her to return home, he/she may apply for a one year deferment of enrolment without loss of scholarship, provided this is approved under the student visa requirements.
  7. In order to make a case for exceptional circumstances, a student will need to provide a detailed statement and independent supporting documentation e.g. a doctor’s certificate etc.
  8. If a scholarship holder enrols in more than the standard load of 24 units per year, or in courses which increase the tuition fee beyond what is indicated in the scholarship offer letter, or enrols in courses at another institution, he or she shall be responsible for the payment of the additional tuition fees.
  9. Students who complete a three-year degree may apply for an additional year, in an Honours program, but extension of the scholarship for the fourth year is subject to the decision of the relevant faculty.
  10. The scholarships cover the amount of tuition fee indicated in the scholarship award letter for up to four years of study at the University of Adelaide. The scholarships do not cover the costs of visas, Overseas Student Health Cover, travel, accommodation, living expenses, books and study materials or any other expenses associated with living in Adelaide or study at the University of Adelaide.

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