Tuesday, 13 July 2010

DEL SAI(PfG) PhD Studentship At Queen's University Belfast (Project:MIMO Centric SoC Architectures)


The proposed PhD project targets the derivation of new SoC signal processing architectures for processing complex MIMO algorithms, optimised for hardware cost, performance and power dissipation.

The convergence of mobile communications and Internet into "mobile-internet" has accelerated with the appearance of netbooks, smart phones and mobile multimedia devices. Emerging mobile broadband services are targeting the high-end online gaming and high-resolution streamed content. The significant increase in wireless and mobile bandwidth requires the deployment of sophisticated communication technology that can take advantage of time-, frequency- and space-division multiplexing methods.

OFDM and MIMO are emerging technologies enabling efficient utilisation of limited frequency bands for high data-rate digital communication. However, MIMO algorithms in particular are computationally complex and expensive, restricting its use for many battery-operated power-constrained mobile applications.

The aim of this research is to investigate power-optimised parallel signal processing circuit architectures for executing MIMO algorithms under resource constrained conditions.


* Investigate range of MIMO algorithms in terms of performance and computing cost
* Decompose these algorithms into primitive control and arithmetic functions and investigate how these functions can be processed in time and space
* Derive a new SoC baseband processor architecture for processing MIMO algorithms for resource constrained communication systems
* Develop a proof-of-concept demonstrator based on state-of-the-art FPGA technology

Academic Requirements:

A minimum of a 2.1 honours degree or equivalent in Electrical and Electronic Engineering or relevant degree is required.

Start Date: 1st October 2010 Duration: 3 years

General Information

Applicants should apply electronically through the Queen's online application portal at https://pg.apply.qub.ac.uk/home

Further information available at:

Deadline for submission of applications is 23rd July 2010

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