Thursday, 8 July 2010

Microsoft NZ Research Internship Award Programme

The Microsoft NZ Research Internship Award was established in 2010 for the purpose of fostering collaborative research between the University of Canterbury and Microsoft Research Asia, facilitated by Microsoft NZ.


Be in the second year of their PhD enrolment at the University of Canterbury in the College of Engineering, College of Science or the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics
New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident (unless otherwise agreed with Microsoft Research Asia & Microsoft NZ prior to the student submitting his or her application)
Work on a project that contributes to Microsoft Research Asia’s programme of fundamental research and is of interest to the student
Select a project area with a degree of difference from their PhD project
Suspend study/work on their PhD research topic during the tenure of the internship


Visa application and associated costs - University of Canterbury
Return economy flights from Christchurch to Beijing and travel and health insurance – University of Canterbury
Landed costs in Beijing (to include accommodation, food and local travel) – Microsoft Research Asia
Stipend for living allowance whilst in Beijing – Microsoft Research Asia
Return economy flights to the approved conference and conference fees (up to a maximum of NZ$4,000) – Microsoft NZ


The duration of each placement will be 3-6 months. These placements may be offered by Microsoft Research Asia in subsequent years in which case the parties may wish to run the Microsoft NZ Research Internship Award again for those years.
In addition, each student will receive funding in order to attend a conference of the student’s choice that is relevant to the student’s PhD
research, which is to be attended after the internship has finished and within 12 months of the award being given.

Deadline:July 31,2010

For further information

General enquiry
Lisa-Marie Brooks (email)
Questions regarding academic advice
Professor Steve Weaver (email)

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