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New Zealand:Murray King Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1998, as a memorial to the late Mr Murray King, who was a pioneer in the development of soil conservation programmes in the Wairarapa. The funds are provided from a Trust fund, contributed to by individuals, local and regional authorities, interest groups, and charitable organisations.

The purpose of the award is to enable Wairarapa students to attend a New Zealand university and obtain degree qualifications, with particular emphasis on, but not exclusive to, soil conservation, soil and land management, indigenous forest management, and conservation management.

Selection Criteria
1.Students who have completed part or all of their secondary education in the Wairarapa, or who live in the Wairarapa at the time of applying for the scholarship are eligible. Wairarapa includes all areas under the administration of the Masterton, Carterton, and South Wairarapa District Councils.

2.Indicative graduate courses that may further assist potential applicants are:
BApplSci - majoring in Agribusiness, Agriculture, Forestry, or Natural Resource Management;
BSc - majoring in Agriculture Science

3.Preference will be given to students who are eligible to enter the third year and beyond, of an appropriate degree course, with applicable course subjects. Postgraduates are eligible to apply.

4.Previous holders of the scholarship may not apply for subsequent scholarships.

5.In awarding the scholarship the following factors (in no particular order of precedence) may be considered: academic ability, personal attributes, relevance of course study, community associations, and potential for future career success.

Up to $2,000 is currently available for award each year either as one scholarship or divided into several scholarships. This is at the discretion of the Board, but generally one per year.

Tenable for one year, payment to be paid half yearly during the academic year. The second instalment will be forwarded on receipt of a brief half yearly report.

The Murray King Memorial Trust Board. The Trust Board will draw up a short list of applicants to be interviewed. The decision will be announced early in February. All applicants will be notified by mail.

Conditions of the Award
Recipients of the scholarship will be required to engage in full time study, and take up the scholarship at the commencement of the academic year following the closing date. Awards will not be made retrospectively.

Further Information
Further information can be obtained from Mr D J Cameron, Regional Land Management Officer, Greater Wellington Regional Council, P O Box 41, Masterton or;
Mr J K Pottinger, Morris Road, R D 6, Masterton.
Alternatively, email:
Phone (06) 378 9666 or fax (06) 378 8400.

Guidelines and Application Forms:
Application must be made on the approved Application Form, and accompanied by a letter.

Murray King Memorial Scholarship
C/o Masterton District Council
P O Box 444
Alternatively, email:
Phone (06) 378 9666 or fax (06) 378 8400.

Closing date
31 December each year.

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