Saturday, 6 November 2010

Australia:Flagship PhD Scholarships in Sustainable Agriculture 2011

The National Research Flagships Program is targeted at national goals which are closely aligned to the Government’s National Research Priorities. Their scale, longer time-frames and clear focus on delivery and adoption of research outputs are designed to maximise their impact in key areas of economic and community need. Collaboration is a key principle of the Flagship initiative and lasting solutions require partnerships that harness our national innovative spirit on an ambitious scale. The Flagship Collaboration Fund facilitates the involvement of the wider Australian research community in addressing the critical national challenges targeted by the Flagships.

Flagship Postgraduate Scholarships

The Flagships offer top-up and full Flagship Postgraduate Scholarships to high quality students who are enrolled in a PhD at an Australian university, and who will be working on a project which is directly relevant to a Flagship program.

A listing of the priority research areas in which the Sustainable Agriculture Flagship is seeking applications for 2011 is available by following the link below, along with contact details for the Flagship.

Top-up scholarships will be the norm. Valued at A$7000 per annum, they are available to PhD students who have gained (or expect to gain) an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) or equivalent scholarship.

In some circumstances full scholarships will be available. These offer a stipend of the equivalent of the APA plus CSIRO’s top-up amount of A$7000 per annum for up to three years.

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