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Scholarship in Europe:Erasmus Mundus EURASIA 2 Scholarships

The main objective of the project EURASIA 2 is to contribute to the promotion of the European system of higher education world-wide (Bologna Declaration) and to strengthen the existing network of co-operation among universities in Asia and Europe by expanding their experience in student and staff exchanges to the associate institutions, and thus disseminate good practice with regard to organisation of mobility and Bologna implementation (ECTS, DS) in all participating countries.
The specific objectives are the improvement of education and research capabilities of EU and Asian countries in subjects relevant to sustainable environmental and natural resource management (i.e. applied life sciences in the broadest sense of the term) to meet present and future societal challenges by contributing to education for sustainable development, to promote cooperation and solidarity among scientists and scholars in the EU and Asian partner countries; in the area of human resources to contribute to the enhancement of academic and professional staff expertise; to produce and transmit scientific and scholarly knowledge and information on curricula development, on the use of ECTS and DS etc. in the participating countries.

Partners - Asian Universities

Bogor Agricultural University - INDONESIA
Can Tho University - VIETNAM
Chiang Mai University - THAILAND
Hanoi University of Science and Technology - VIETNAM
Mongolian State University of Agriculture - MONGOLIA
Nanjing Agricultural University - CHINA
National University of Laos - LAOS
Northwest A&F University - CHINA
Tadulako University - INDONESIA
Thammasat University - THAILAND
University of Economics Hochiminh City - VIETNAM
University Putra Malaysia - MALAYSIA

Partners - European Universities

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague - CZECH REPUBLIC
Goettingen University - GERMANY
Humboldt University of Berlin - GERMANY
SupAgro Montpellier - FRANCE
University of Gothenburg - SWEDEN
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences - AUSTRIA
Wageningen University - THE NETHERLANDS
Warsaw University of Life Sciences - POLAND

Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible, third-country undergraduate and master students as well as doctoral and post-doctoral candidates, refered as "third-country students":

1. Must be a national of one of the third countries covered by the relevant lot;

2. Must have not resided nor have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of the European countries;

3. For target group 1 (TGI): students need to be registered at one of the third-country HEIs within the partnership. Undergraduate students must have successfully completed at least one year of studies in their home institution;

4. For target group 2 (TGII): students need either to be registered in a HEI (not included in the partnership) of the third country concerned by the lot or having obtained a university degree or equivalent by an institution of these third countries. They will need to justify how this study period abroad will benefit them (and their direct socio-economical environment) and include letters of support in their individual application;

5. For target group 3 (TGIII): students need to be nationals of one of the third countries concerned by the lot and be part of the vulnerable target groups. see more:

6. Must have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses or of one of the languages currently spoken in the hosting countries.


In order to be eligible, academic and administrative staff hereafter referred as "staff":

1. Must be a national of one of the eligible countries;

2. Must work in or be associated to an HEI within the partnership;

3. The mobility assignments must be based on partnership agreements between the members of the partnership;

4. The home and host universities and the individual staff must agree on the programme of lectures to be delivered by the visiting staff, on the research activities or on the type of training to be followed;

5. The mobility may constitute a post-per-post exchange or a one-way visitor flow to or from a third country.

The scholarships covers:
  • Actual travel costs (1 round-ticket)
  • Health insurance (arranged directly with the host university)
  • Monthly subsistence
Monthly subsistence rates
Type of Mobility
Undergraduates 1.000 €
Masters 1.000 €
Doctorates 1.500 €
Post Doctorates 1.800 €
Teaching Staff 2.500 €

Application process

Target groups

Target Group 1 = Students and Staff from Asian Partner universities

Students, and staff registered in one of the HEIs that is a member of the partnership.

•for Information on the number of places available, please check the mobility table in the attachment
Target Group 2 = Students and Staff from Associate institutions / organizations

Nationals of the third countries concerned by the geographical lot, who are registered in a higher education institution of these countries that is not included in the partnership, or who have obtained a university degree or equivalent by an institution of these countries. This includes the possibility of providing mobility opportunities to third-country nationals working in public administration, public and private enterprises.

•for Information on the number of places available, please check the mobility table in the attachment
Target Group 3 = Persons in vulnerable situations = disabled or economically disadvantaged people or indigenous population

Nationals of the third countries concerned by the geographical lot who are in particularly vulnerable situations, for social and political reasons. For example:

1) having a refugee status or asylum beneficiaries (international or according to the national legislation of one of the European recipient countries) or

2) it can be proved that they have been the object of unjustified expulsion from university on racial, ethnic, religious, political, gender or sexual inclination or

3) they belong to an indigenous population targeted by a specific national policy or IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons)

•for Information on the number of places available, please check the mobility table in the attachment

Application procedure

Applicants from Asia

Step 1: please complete the application form available on the website ( and submit it with all documents requested as enclosure by December 1st 2010 to the contact person of your home university (Target group 1) or to the contact person of the partner university that is closest to the applicants‘ home town (Target group 2 + 3).

For a list of contact persons, please see website: .

Step 2: In case your written application was ranked among the best applications received, you will be invited to a personal interview that will take place in the Asian countries some time between December 2010 and February 2011. The dates of interviews are available in the attached document.

Step 3: In case the interview results are positive, you will be informed by 10th March 2011 about the final host institution for your mobility. In case your application could not be accepted, you will be informed by the end of March 2011 at latest.

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