Tuesday, 16 March 2010

African Watt Club Scholarship For African Students 2010/2011

The African Watt Club Fund was set up in May 2009 and aims to generate between £10,000 and £40,000 per year to allow scholarships of up to £10,000 to be awarded to students from Africa who would otherwise be unable to attend the University, due to financial restrictions.


* Resident of an African country
* Individual’s family must earn less than £4,000 per year (evidence required)
* Evidence supplied of academic excellence
* Written evidence supplied of an individual’s desire to be a leader in their field

Applications will be accepted for the Scholarship from 1 April 2010 until 14 June 2010. Award of the Scholarship will be on or before 30 June 2010.

For Further Information Visit : https://www.alumni.hw.ac.uk/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=262

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