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Fulbright Graduate Program For Afgan Students 2011/2012

The Fulbright Graduate Program enables Afghans to pursue graduate-level study in the United States, build leadership skills, and exchange cultural understanding with Americans.The Fulbright Graduate Fellowship pays for up to two years of graduate study in the U.S., in order to earn an MA, MS, MBA/MPA, LLM, or similar graduate degree.  Up to thirty graduate fellowships are available for the 2011-12 academic year, for up to two years of study in the United States, including tuition, lodging, books, and transportation.  

The Fulbright Graduate Fellowship covers:
• tuition at a U.S. university;
• a living and book/supply stipend;
• round-trip international airfare to the U.S. and back; and
• health benefits policy for the duration of the study program.
Fulbright graduate students may also be able to attend special seminars and presentations during their time in the U.S.

No Dependents
The fellowship is provided for the recipient only; dependents cannot be supported.  Dependents of Fulbright Afghan participants are not permitted to accompany participants to the U.S.  All Fulbright Afghan participants must return to Afghanistan immediately following the completion of their academic program. 


As a Fulbright Graduate Fellowship recipient, you will study at a university in the United States for up to two years. You may indicate a preference for universities in which you would like to study. These placements will be explored but cannot be assured. 

The deadline for submitting applications is May 1st 2010.  Fellowships will be awarded for programs beginning in the United States in August/September 2011...

How to Apply

Step 1
the first step in applying for the Fulbright Graduate Fellowship is to read the instructions carefully.  Before you apply, be sure that you qualify. 
The Fulbright Graduate Program Fellowships are open to Afghan citizens living in Afghanistan, who:
• hold a minimum of a BA/BS degree;
• want to pursue graduate study at the master's degree level in humanities or social sciences including English, economics, finance, public health, public administration, and law;
• are proficient in English; and
• are able to function easily in academic and social settings.
Step 2

To apply for a 2011-12 Fulbright Graduate Fellowship, you must submit a preliminary application online at: before May 1, 2010.

The application will ask you to provide such information as:

• your proposed field of study;
• future plans;
• educational background;
• work experience;
• language skills;
• study/research objectives; and
• personal history.
At this step please note that the three letters of reference (from your teachers and/or supervisors) and official academic records/certificates are not required with the initial application.  Please review the advice on writing a Statement of Purpose.
The Fulbright Graduate Student Program deadline is May 1, 2010.  Please submit online.
Step 3
The U.S. Embassy will review the applications and inform the most promising applicants by email that they are registered for a free English test called the institutional TOEFL.  We expect the iTOEFL to be offered on several different dates and perhaps in different cities, beginning May 25.
Step 4
After we receive the institutional TOEFL scores, the U.S. Embassy will contact the most competitive applicants to submit a complete application including three letters of recommendations and official academic records/transcripts.  We will also schedule selected applicants to come into the U.S. Embassy in Kabul for a personal interview, beginning the last week in June. This is normally the last step in the Fulbright selection process although the finalists will still need to take the paper-based TOEFL in September and some will be required to take the Graduate Record Exam, or GRE. 

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