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Scholarship From Panasonic Corporation 2010/2011

Brief Description

The Panasonic Scholarship Program was established in 1998 in commemoration of the company’s 80th anniversary as a way for the company to express its appreciation to society. Its aim is to provide scholarship opportunities to privately financed students from Asian countries who wish to pursue a master’s course in Japan, to offer financial assistance to foster highly educated experts who can contribute to the development of their countries in the 21st century, and to promote mutual friendship between their home countries and Japan.


A privately financed student from Indonesia, who wishes to pursue a master’s course in Japan, should meet the following requirements:

  1. Nationality:
    Applicants must be citizens of Indonesia

  2. Educational Background etc:
    Applicants must be graduates or pending graduates of universities and have a distinguished academic record and must have completed 16 years of school education or have been accepted as eligible for enrollment at the targeted graduate schools. However, applicants must have completed their bachelor degrees no more than 4 years prior to the date of their arrival in Japan. (with age less than 26 years old in March 2011).

  3. Specialization:
    Applicants must major in any one of the science and technology disciplines. (Mathematics, Natural Science, Engineering, Bio-technology, Agricultural, and IT (Information Technology)
    Note: This excludes medical science, pharmacology and dentistry

  4. Japanese Language Proficiency:
    Applicants must have adequate proficiency and knowledge in the Japanese language not only for studying at master’s level but also for understanding Japanese culture.

  5. Health Conditions:
    Applicants must be medically fit and must be strongly motivated to study in Japan.

  6. Others:
    • Applicants must be interested in and have the desire to contribute to the development of Indonesia and to promote friendship between Indonesia and Japan. .
    • Applicants must obtain a study visa and arrive in Japan by end of March 2011 to attend the award ceremony to be held at Panasonic Headquarters at the beginning of April 2011.
    • Applicants who are receiving or will receive other scholarships including Japanese Government Scholarships are not eligible for the Panasonic Scholarship.
    • Applicants who are already enrolled at graduate schools in Japan at the time of application are not eligible for the Panasonic Scholarship.

Scholarship Duration

Panasonic Scholarship will be provided for three years from April 2011 to March 2014, which covers

1. Year One — Enrollment as research students in universities in Japan and Japanese-language training in Japanese-language institutes.

2. Year Two & Three — Register and complete master’s course in Japan. The entire period shall not exceed three years in any circumstances.

The entire period shall not exceed three years in any circumstances. The scholarship will be terminated if a scholarship recipient fails to gain admission to master course in Japan within one year after arrival in Japan (end March, 2011).

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