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The JOSYLEEN Scholarship Partnership With Erasmus Mundus Program

Erasmus Mundus is providing full scholarships for students and university staff in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the EU, through the EMP-JOSYLEEN programme. EMP-JOSYLEEN (JOrdan, SYria, LEbanon, Europe Network) is an institution-based scholarship programme organized by 20 prestigious universities in Europe, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The JOSYLEEN scholarships are awarded to students on undergraduate, masters, doctoral and post-doctoral level and to university staff in academic or administrative positions. The programme is funded by the European Union, for the fourth year.


The JOSYLEEN (JOrdan, SYria, LEbanon, Europe Network) project aims to enhance understanding and international cooperation capacity in the field of science, education and culture between Europe and Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Through a comprehensive scholarship scheme students and university staff from Jordan, Syria and Lebanon have the opportunity to study/do research/teach in Europe and vice versa.

Since the project started in 2007, around 110 scholarships have been distributed annually.The number of scholarships to be distributed in 2010 is 147.

Target groups

The JOSYLEEN scholarships are aimed at three so-called Target groups. Please identify which Target group you belong to before applying, and note that not all Mobility types are available within all Target groups. If you have any doubts about which Target group you belong to, contact the Coordination office at mailto:%20info@josyleen.eu

Target Group 1

Nationals of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon or the EU who are currently registered as students or staff in one of the JOSYLEEN partner universities. Open for Mobility types: Undergraduates, Masters, Doctorate, Post-doctorate, Staff

Target Group 2

Nationals of Jordan, Syria or Lebanon who 1) are currently registered in a higher education institution of these countries that is not included in the JOSYLEEN partnership, or 2) who have previously obtained a university degree or equivalent by an institution in Jordan, Syria, or Lebanon. This includes persons working in public administration, public and private enterprises who hold a degree for any university in Jordan, Syria or Lebanon. Open for Mobility types: Masters, Doctorate, Post-doctorate

Target Group 3

Nationals of Jordan, Syria or Lebanon who are in particularly vulnerable situations, for social and political reasons. For example:
1) having a refugee status or asylum beneficiaries (international or according to the national legislation of one of the European recipient countries)
2) it can be proved that they have been the object of unjustified expulsion from university
on racial, ethnic, religious, political, gender or sexual inclination
3) they belong to an indigenous population targeted by a specific national policy or IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons).
All candidates who claim Target group 3 status must present documents proving their status.
Open for Mobility types: Undergraduates, Masters, Doctorate, Post-doctorate

How to apply

You apply for the JOSYLEEN scholarship through an online application system. The application is a four-step process:

1. Register an account.
2. Register your application.
3. Upload Documents
4. Close application.

Access the online application by clicking here (only available during the application period).

We recommend that you read all information carefully before starting to register your application.

Note that it is only allowed to file ONE APPLICATION PER PERSON. Persons who register multiple applications will be omitted from the Selection

The application process step-by-step


Link to the online application form

Click HERE to proceed to the online-application form.

The online application form will be accessible from 15 May 2010 (00:00 GMT) to 15 September 2010 (24:00 GMT).

NOTE: the following universties are not yet available for application: American University of Beirut, University of Bologna, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Princess Sumaya University for Technology. If you are interested in applying to any of these universities, please return in a few days.

Technical requirements:- Preferred browsers are Internet Explorer version 5, 6, 7 and 8, Firefox 3 and Opera 9. You may encounter problems in other browsers. The browser must allow JavaScript and cookies.- It is not possible to save data halfway through the application form. Once started, the form must be completed. It is advisable to read all the instructions and prepare everything beforehand and check that the Internet connection is stable. - Uploaded documents must have a file size of 3 MB or smaller. Only PDF, JPG and PNG files are allowed to upload. No Word documents may be uploaded. Make sure you upload only black/white documents.

If you encounter problems, send an email to info@josyleen.eu

Scholarship Source: http://www.josyleen.eu

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