Thursday, 26 August 2010

USA:Diversity Abroad / GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Scholarship 2010

Diversity Abroad is pleased to announce the launch of a new scholarship aimed atincreasing non-traditional students participation in education abroad in the Asia/Pacificregion. Diversity Abroad, in partnership with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad and TheFoundation for Asia Pacific Education will offer scholarships for undergraduatestudents to study abroad in the Asia/Pacific region during summer, fall and spring terms.
Enrolled in a North American college or university
US or Canadian citizen
Studying abroad in the Asia/Pacific region during the summer, fall or spring term
In addition to these general requirements, applicants must also meet ONE of the following requirements:
Ethnic Background must be one or more of the following: American Indian or Alaska Native; Asian or Pacific Islander; Hispanic, Chicana/o, Mexican American, Latina/o; Black or African American, not of Hispanic origin; Middle Eastern.
Students from a low income families (family income less than $50,000 USD)
Students with a disability
1st generation college students
Applicants must also prepare a video application which meets the requirements of Diversity abroad for their evaluation and award determination.
Award Details
Diversity Abroad / GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Scholarship amounts are in increments of $1,000.
Visit the Asia Pacific Foundation website for more information.

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