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Europe:Erasmus Mundus MA LLL Scholarships in Lifelong Learning

The European Masters in Lifelong Learning is an elite programme aimed at professionals who wish to develop the field of lifelong learning and gain specialized expertise in lifelong learning policy or management.

The MA LLL is aimed to provide policy-makers and professionals who manage, deliver or support LLL an opportunity to develop their own analysis and practice in a constantly changing economic, social, technological and political environment.

The European Masters in LLL is a response to the growing significance of and demand for LLL in regional and national policy-making worldwide.

The European Masters in Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management (MA LLL) is the first joint programme to address this transformation. Run by three of Europe’s leading institutions in educational science:

The Erasmus Mundus Masters Course is provided by three European universities:

The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Copenhagen, Denmark
Institute of Education, University of London, London, United Kingdom
University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain

This Erasmus Mundus consortium have pooled their expertise to provide an individually oriented perspective for the teaching and learning process, with a global approach and strong focus on quality of research.

European Masters in Lifelong Learning

Offers double or multiple degrees, depending on the mobility path, leading to:

- MA (Ed.) in Educational Sociology
- European Masters in Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management
- Máster Universitario Europeo en Aprendizaje a lo largo de la vida: Politicas y Gestion.

Admission and scholarships
For the European Masters in Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management programme, you can apply as a self-funded student or you can apply for a scholarship.

For both categories, your application must include the following documents:

- Application form
- Certified copies of academics transcripts (translated into English)
- English language proficiency test certificate
- An academic qualification essay based on research literature on any aspect of lifelong learning
- Three passport-size photographs (in an envelope)
- Three recommendation letters from former supervisors of which two must be academics.

Category A Scholarships (for third-country students)

The European Commission offers Erasmus Mundus Category A scholarships for 3rd country (non-EU) students.

Category A scholarships can be awarded to students from all countries other than the 27 EU member states and EEA/EFTA states: Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway. Furthermore, you must comply with the 12 months rule: You must not be a resident nor have carried out main your activity (studies, work, leisure time etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of these countries.

Category B Scholarships (for European students)

The European Commission offers Erasmus Mundus Category B scholarships for European students.

Category B scholarships can be awarded to any student who do not fullfil the criteria for a Category A scholarship i.e nationality requirement and 12 months rule.

Further information

Erasmus Mundus Administrator

Ms. Anne Mette Rasmussen

The Danish School of Education
Aarhus University
Room A 124
Tuborgvej 164
2400 Copenhagen NV

Tel.: +45 8888 9405 or
+45 8888 9000


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