Sunday, 22 August 2010

New Zealand:International Education Finance Corporation Scholarships For US And Canadian citizen At University of Waikato


To be eligible to apply you must be either a US or Canadian citizen, or a foreign student with a co-signer that is a US citizen or permanent resident.

Students attending the University of Waikato can apply for funding from the International Education Finance Corporation (IEFC) through the ISLP Private Loan Program.

What is the International Education Finance Corporation?

The International Education Finance Corporation (IEFC) was established to fill a major void in education financing programs for international students. IEFC partners with the premier international loan guarantee agencies and lenders to make innovative, low cost education loans available to the thousands of students seeking the international education experience.

How to Apply?

Please check out the IEFC website for info about the application process.

There are no fees or costs associated with submitting an application form.

There is no deadline. Students should be advised to leave plenty of time to submit the application and required documentation so that funds may disbursed by school deadlines. Applications for past academic years are allowed only if the school will certify that past education related expenses are due.

For further info about eligibility and application procedures contact IEFC at

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